Monday, December 19, 2011

MORE ON BALDWIN (answers? questions.. plenty)

California Digital Newspaper Collection — Sacramento Daily Union 24 August 1866 — Page 2 Advertisements Column 2

Here is an ad from Aug. 1866.   Baldwin is selling a couple of products that were later made famous by Wilmerding and Kellogg. 

What is with the S.H.M. designation in the description of several of the fine whiskies - United We Stand,  Eureka,  Old Homestead??      "Superior Hand Made"  ???    Something else?

Mr. Obvious....  or the "Fleur de lis"  trade mark for Baldwin's Superior Old Bourbon  may have been originally registered in California.  ?


  1. Fantastic guys, I think we're onto something ! Looks like it's time to search some trademarks.

  2. Maybe Baldwin was the one who coined the "Superior Hand Made" (SHM) term to be associated with all of his brands?? I still think the generic SHM fifth held the United We Stand Brand.
    SHM (the whole "hand made" thing) seemed to be the general theme for all of Wilmerding's brands (it now looks like he amay have acquired it from Baldwin), as it is apparent on the large advertising sign as SHM being the central theme, even though the sign was made after the embossed SHM bottle was discontinued.

    Great work Numa and Sole Agent !!


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