Thursday, December 8, 2011

More 60s Glob Tops

Perhaps the A R B initials represent A. R. Baldwin & Co.  Based on the above ad, Sacramento Daily Union April 26th 1866, they had a whisky on market.  Most of the bottles that were dug next to this base were mid 60s, so the timeframe fits perfectly, but it's still just a theory and likely the closest we'll come to knowing the truth.

Here are two more interesting pieces. Both were dug in a mid to late 1860s layer in California and exhibit characteristics of early western glass. I have seen intact examples of both, so there may be a few of these floating around, but as far as the possible companies or people these symbols represent, I'm at a loss. 


  1. Are the letters on the top example A R F? If so, it could be Amandus, Rudolf, Fenkhausen. A & R were brothers who had a wholesale wine and liquor business in San Francisco beginning in 1861.

  2. The letters on the base were unclear as to exact interpretation. Understanding that what I considered might be an "F" was in fact a "B" you determined the correct answer to your original dilemma.

  3. Definetely could be Western, as I dug in intact example of the A.R.B. Fleur d Lis at a site in Ca that was only in existence from 1862-70. Mine is the same color as the shard in this post



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