Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Baldwin Bros.....

No, not the actors, Alec and his bros... I'm talking, the Superior family of Western "Fleur d Lis" cylinders, A.R Baldwin and his successors Wilmerding & Kellogg !!

I had seen ads over the yrs for "Baldwin's Superior" while researching, but as Bruce mentioned a few days ago, sometimes the obvious is not apparent. My brain must of been full of privy-cone dust, as I did not make the connection back then !

Thanks to Numa's, Sole Agent's, and KY Gem's research here on the blog,we now know a lot more about the SHM fleur d lis' origin.... and the earlier ARB fleur d lis base embossed ARB (Baldwin) sixth, which are all part of the Superior Old Bourbon family. The ARB is the size of an Evans & O'Brien or Jockey Club.

As requested, I took some (unfortunately not so good...taken at night) pics of the sixth, and decided while I was in the "fleur" spirit, to include a family shot as well, of the examples I've dug over the yrs (the C&I was found by a friend).


  1. Killer family of Bourbons ! Have you seen any other pieces to the base embossed SHM other than yours and the one I posted ?

  2. Numa,

    Thanks. No, I have not seen any others. Maybe someone else out there has??
    On another note, I do have a killer piece of a W & K SHM in pale yellow-green !


  3. That's one good looking family of SHM's. The ARB sixth is one of the few slick Western sixth's I don't have and/or never held in-person. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I as well would suppose that Marysvile would be holding examples of this botel. Has Mr Marysville dug any up there ? Or how about Mr Sac ?


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