Monday, December 19, 2011


Here is an ad I found tucked away in some stuff I received from my old mentor.   He had it dated "1875".   But I will need to find which local paper it was in and verify the date.

N. & E. Boukofsky were Utah Territorial agents for J.F. Cutter and Miller's Extra as early as 1871.   We did a post on these boys mid 2010.    Nelson Boukofsky continued with the business,  and became agents for Wilmerding and Kellogg brands.   McKennas and S.H.M. fifths have been found whole and broken in Utah.
In 1875 Boukofsky is advertising the main Wilmerding and Kellogg brands:  United we Stand/Divided we Fall WhiskeyMckennas Nelson County Kentucky Extra Old Bourbon Whiskey (the long version);  and of course Baldwin's Superior Old Bourbon Whiskey.  

The United We Stand-Divided We Fall  and the Baldwin's Superior Old Bourbon  being marketed at the same time.  Of course the United We Stand embossed bottle is later than 1875.    Wonder why there wasn't an earlier embossed United We Stand container, indications are that it was a very popular brand.  


  1. Could all of the bottles in Boukofsky's ad still have been in label-only containers at the time of this ad??? Hmmm....

  2. Hey A.P. - I imagine they could be labeled only. 1875 is probably pre-embossed Mckennas and certainly pre-embossed United we Stand (wilmerding). I have always thought the S.H.M. Superior fifths might be embossed as early as 1874/75.
    The only locale we find them in Utah is up that steep old "rock-a-thon" Dry Canyon diggings or Jacob City as we call it. You've been there... some old saloon owner in Jacob must have bought the few cases of "Baldwin's Superior" that Boukofsky had in his liquor warehouse in Salt Lake City. Apparently they were all "consumed up canyon" as no broken examples have been found anywhere else in Utah.
    I have documented 7 broken examples and 1 whole example that have been found in Jacob City in the past(Owen,Groberg's,Terry,Davis,Peterson) maybe a couple of more broken ones found by diggers I haven't spoken with, but still only one intact example. From the meager sampling I am aware of, they seem to show up with the "early" stuff... Suits, full face Hotaling, small circle Millers. Which doesn't jive at all with the more accepted dates of distribution (later 1870s)
    Great run of Superiors by the way. Always been one of my favorite fifths.
    There are more of the base embossed "Baldwins" out there that have been found. Ol Blackie had a note about them in his research. He had seen them at shows, I remember seeing one at a show, years ago. Guess for slickers it will be 'bottoms up' for awhile. Maybe someone will get lucky and find a base embossed Baldwins! -soleagent


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