Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mr. Obvious?

At the risk of opening myself up to criticism for my choice in radio, I'll admit to listening to the Bob & Tom Show. It's nationally syndicated and pretty popular around here, even if it has taken on the air morality to new lows at times. I wouldn't call myself a devotee, but there are a few regular sketches, intermingled amongst the rest of the mindless dribble, that I enjoy.

One of them is called the Mr. Obvious Show. And I feel like Mr. Obvious this morning.

Am I the only one that spotted the similarity of the base of the greenish amber cylinder to the face of another whiskey that graces a few of our shelves?

Here, let me give you a hint...
And yet another...

OK, I'll let the cat out of the bag.

"Gee Mr. Obvious, I never would have thought".



  1. Looks like a definite link to me..

  2. Mr O.

    No, you're not alone ! That symbol is exactly what stoked Numa's and my interest after we compared my whole example to his base shard ! Knowing that more than one of these seemed to originate out of S.F.... and the same symbol appears on the later bottle (S.H.M), prompted Numa to use his superior computer skills to see what he could turn-up !


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