Friday, April 2, 2010

Oregon's Rarest Druggist Bottle?

I know it is not a glob top whiskey, but in the persuit of Western whiskey bottles, most diggers extract pharmacy bottles from their pits. Most hardly garner a second look, as most are pretty common. Occasionally one comes across a "pharm" that is special. Here is a unique ( to my knowledge) 1870s-early 1880s Oregon City druggist which was dug years ago. I have never seen a "beker" embossed on a druggist bottle before, and believe this is one of Oregon's best drugstore bottles in this cornflower blue. This druggist was in business from the late 1870s in Oregon City, until the teens. All of Hardings bottles are at least very scarce, but this one is about as good as a pharmacy bottle gets. If you Google this druggist, you will find a rich history of his Civil War career, and Oregon pioneer history.

I would love to see some other killer druggist bottles!

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  1. it comes in two known sizes. also there is same color variant with out the druggist glass on.
    They are seen once in a while, but not often.


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