Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another McKenna's

Here is one of two examples of the McKenna's fifth that was dug last month in a Western state. This has been quite a year for nice fifths coming out of the ground. I would be thrilled to pull two of these out of one hole! Both examples are virtually twins being a nice light yellow, shading to a lighter yellow amber towards the base. This example has strong whittle effect, and a nice crisp strike. I have not heard of a Gold Dust being dug this year, but the Cheilovich, and Cassin fifths, along with the Chevalier Whiskey Merchants make for some heavy stuff in my book. Is there a somewhat accurate count of non C & I McKenna's? I am guessing 50 or so...These are just a classic Western whiskey, and I can see why they have been considered for "top 25" status in the past.


  1. M.E., I would "guess" your population of 50 or so might be about right. Gorgeous bottle! Top to bottom embossing!! We got out on a Nevada trip last week, found half of a green 'Kenna in a trashed out pit. Old Cutters might call a topless fifth a "convertible".... maybe we just found the tires.

    In a different hole, found a big aqua, eastern bottle, Dr. Roots Cure for Fits and Epilepsy. Looks 1880-90ish. Anybody know anything about em? Like how may gallons of gas will it pay for?? Ha!

  2. What a trippy McKennas buddy. Right on.


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