Saturday, April 17, 2010


This Kellogg's fifth was dug in Pomona many years ago. The privy was not too old, circa. 1890's. My previous post showed a letterhead from Loewe Brothers Liquor Dealers that was dated Nov. 24, 1894. At the end of this letter, the writer stated that "we have bought the business of Wilmerding Co. and about Jan. 1st will move to 216 California St.". There was no mention of this purchase in earlier letters from early Nov., Oct., Sept., Aug., etc., so I assume that this transaction was done in November 1894. Therefore, these red amber, whittled, applied top Kellogg's fifths should start to show up in early 1895. Anyone have any idea how long this applied top version would have been produced? The idea that these red amber whiskies were blown in Germany makes sense to me. Other than the other brands found in this same type bottle, how many applied top Western fifths could have been produced in this country as late as 1895? As these red amber, applied top fifths seem to be fairly scarce, I think that they may have been made for a very short time, possibly a year or two?

Notice on the Wilmerding-Loewe letterhead that they are hoping for an order for "Hard to Beat" and "Kellogg's" whiskies. Unless there is an embossed W.L. Hard to Beat fifth out there, I assume these were all labeled only bottles.

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