Saturday, April 3, 2010


My seemingly never ending quest to trace the life and activities of  John C. Morrison Jr. has received a boost the past week.   Rick S. of the Bitters Blog tracked  him hawking playing cards in Sac. City  Dec. of  1850.    There is a British registered Caroline in service at this time,  she's getting some age on her by 1850.   Has an Australian connection, which is interesting.  There was a 'new ship' Caroline  launched in Boston, but not until late 1851.   Maybe this is just a river steamer from San Francisco to Sac. City.  

He landed in San Francisco on June 4, 1849.   According to his obituary he traveled to the North Fork of the American River and tried mining for a short time.    Living by his wits early on...

This sounds like our boy,  selling chances on a diamond watch.   From this to mining stocks.. not a big jump.  Ha!

March of 1851.

Still looking for that picture of him...

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  1. Sole Agent: No photo, but I do have his autograph!


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