Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here's to the Glob Top!


I've been too busy lately to blog, talk, and dig much....But I knew in advance, that working on my MBA would slow down the quest of finding great old whiskies in my free time. In any event, the few digs I have been on lately have produced nothing more than poop-seeds in the bottom layer, literally!?!? I'm going to try and get out digging this weekend.....And I'm already looking forward to two upcoming shows (San Diego and Reno) where some good whiskies tend to make an appearance. In the meanwhile, here's an inspirational photo for our blog:

Any guesses what embossed fifth this is? I know they have been found from SoCal all the way up into WA, not for sure about NV, but would certainly guess they've shown up there too! Not the rarest of old bourbons, but it ain't as common as a Cutter....if you're even luckier, you may one day dig it's rarer, little brother!


  1. Winner, winner....chicken dinner!


    Your first intuition serves you correctly:

    The Answer: O.K. Old Bourbon Castle Whiskey

  2. rumor has it an outstanding example of a castle flask came out of the ground a few months back. anyone seen it ?


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