Saturday, January 2, 2010

Samuel Taylor Suit

Here is a little more to read on S.T. Suit. There has been some information published on him over the years.

Jack Sullivan has done a couple of stories about Suit for Bottles and Extras.

Check out his blog by googling -- Bottles, Booze and Backstories or click this link:

Not much there about his Louisville activities, which is more relevent to the western bottle that bears his name. I had found some photos from a Louisville historical forum that show the remains of his warehouse after it was destroyed by the windstorm.  That site has been taken down.

I like the "Established 1839" stuff you always see on Suit advertising.   Sam Suit would have been 7 years old in 1839.   The distillery (Jefferson County)??? he bought or operated may have been built in 1839. ?

Here is a token that Sonny C. of Montana just sent me a photo of.   I have seen a couple of these over the years,  always seem to have a hole in them.
Medicinal use only??   Temperance movement or Civil War tax loophole.  ?

Does anyone have a photo of the amber Salt River Bourbon  bottle that S. T. Suit marketed in the East.  I have been told that they are iron pontiled.  I can't remember if they are embossed "medicinal use only".   

This invoice indicates that the product was purchased by the barrel. This is what the Walker Bros. were doing in Salt Lake City in 1872-1874. I'm sure glad they went to the trouble of ordering an embossed bottle from a glass house in San Francisco.

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  1. Great info, SA. This is what our hobby is all about. Merely owning the bottles isn't enough, it's important to know "the rest of the story".


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