Sunday, January 10, 2010


J.F. Cutter (t-46 Variant C)  or the one with the star on the base.

This J.F. variant  is interesting in that it comes in a very nice range of color for a late 1870's/early 1880's fifth.   From very dark amber through light yellow amber,  and sometimes in this nice greenish yellow amber.  Is that yellowish green amber or greenish yellow amber,  ???  I don't know!   It is so hard to tell how green a fifth is without comparing it to other green fifths you are familiar with.   The comparison made with an amber fifth is an good indication that the bottle does have a strong greenish color.  Also the bottle looks to be in great condition.  Some light whittle, with some nice glass texture noticeable below the embossing. 

In viewing bottles over the past 30 years,  it seems to me that the older, Variant A star in shield Cutters,(pointed A) are the ones that are sometimes seen in the best "green" coloration.   These Variant C bottles seem to fall just a click or two short on the *GreenOmeter*

I believe the estimate on this bottle is quite low.   A green Variant A would probably fetch triple the estimate on this bottle.  The Variant C bottles, in all colors, seem to lag behind the Var. A's and B's.  of course the B's don't come in 'great colors'.

All hypothetical comparisons aside, this is a nice bottle.   I hope the buyer will bring it to the J.F. Cutter Shoot-out at the Reno Show in July.  It will hold it's own for sure.   

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