Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mc Kenna's

Here is a recent acquisition. This is the Mc Kenna's without the C&I on the base, and while these are not particularly rare, have been a contender for top 25 status in past years. Most of the McKenna's I have seen have fair to average strikes, and occasionally one turns up with very bold embossing. This is an upgrade for my collection, and is the 6th McKenna's I have owned which were upgraded to this point. Similar to Teakettle,(or any bottle I guess), finding an example with color, character, condition, and strike is not an easy task. I have never seen a McKenna's is a greenish hue, but have heard they come in some great colors. Maybe a McKennas "shootout" might be in order? This is a classic Western fifth that is obtainable, and has great characteristics. Let's see some more! M.E.

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  1. Stop by some day and I'll show one with a strong greenish hue . If I can find it and it quits raining I'll try to get a picture of it and post . I think Lou owns a Choice old Cabinet with a strong greenish hue also .


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