Monday, January 11, 2010


J. F. Cutter  Star in Shield  (t-46 Variant B)  or  Flat "A" Variant.

The description has been changed on this bottle.  The catalog description is not accurate!   Check out the ABA website for the new description.  A thin crack was discovered to the right of the embossing.   Check out the video for a good look.   Not sure about the still photos on the website,  there are two different bottles photographed..??  I don't think the bottle shown on the right is anywhere in this auction.


  1. Your right about the Cutter,the one on the right has curved R's. Does anyone know what the dark specks above the embossing on the yellow Millers flask are? In one photo it appears above the E and in the other photo it's above the L. Maybe there is something going on in the back of it?

  2. I have questions about the California Club House bottles. I have a friend that has had one for several years that is not on any of the lists on the webpage. How do I go about getting a value for the bottle, and if we are interested in selling, what is the best way to go about it?

  3. sell it through american bottle auctions. what color is the bottle ?

  4. Somebody here on this blog can tell you how to post it on the items for sale page that operates with this blog.....Andy

  5. Griffin:
    In regards to listing the California Clubhouse on the "for sale" page; First, log onto .

    Next, become a member or a follower. Under title, just type "California Clubhouse for sale". Take high quality crisp and clear digital photos and store in a .jpg format on your hard drive. Click on the insert image (it's the picture of a framed picture located to the right of LINK on the top of the main box, and browse the file until you find the photos. Click on the file, then Click OK. Do this again for the next photo. The pictures will be placed at the front of your listing.

    In the main body of the posting page, write up a description of the bottle including all attributes and flaws. When you're finished, click on the preview tab at the top of the box. If it looks OK, click on the Publish Post tab located at the bottom left and you're done.

    Any questions, feel free to email me.

  6. Griffin,

    A new, undocumented, Clubhouse is something that gets us all excited. I think we all would love to see what it looks like. If you think you may try to sell it, this could be a starting point. Take your time and get a good idea of what it is worth. You may have followed the sale of the dark amber one that sold in 2009. You can google "California Club House Old Bourbon", and any number of articles pop up about the sale, and "sale price". Condition and color are everything. If you want to send me a picture, I will post it and get the bottle out there for whiskey collectors to view. You can see where it goes from there.

    Time to let the whiskey world see this bottle?

    Lets post a picture of it!


  7. Hello all,
    I found the Cal. Club House in '05 or'06 - didn't know what I had until yesterday. Pretty exciting - Done a bit of reading on it since - seems mine is probably the darkest amber yet, unless the video from recent auction is quite deceptive - I'll try to get photos posted soon

    Lucky in the Napa Valley

  8. Hey 'Lucky in the Napa Valley', did you find it in an outhouse or a dump ?

  9. Lucky in Napa Valley, anything else to share on the Clubhouse find? Sure would like to post a picture of it, and the story of it's capture. The Clubhouse Hall Of Fame is waiting for a new member.....


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