Monday, December 16, 2013


Picked up a mate to my yellowish Thos. Taylor during my trip to Roseville. 

I need to find a green sixth to go with this mini-run if anyone knows where I can pick one up... cheap.   :)

I owned this dark one for a few minutes back in 2005,  and happy to get it back.   Super whittled, with play-doh embossing,  if you know what I mean.


Had a great show,  will post a couple of more newps.


  1. Awesome pair of Tommy Taylor's! Those rarely come up for sale, and if they do they are immediately snatched up! I've seen the green Ferraro example, which is simply unbelievable in color. I'd have to say it's arguably one of the nicest western bottles across any category...right up there with a Green Genuine flask, top notch Cassin's, green Clubhouse, aqua Tea Kettle, Frisch, Full-face Barry & Patten or a Dr. Bowens meddy. Are these examples both the fifth size?

    Thanks for the early J.F. Cutter fifth you let me get through my brother at Roseville. I agree, it's gotta be a Variant 1. It doesn't have the typical non-tapered stove top, but the neck is shorter than my other Variant 1 that has a big barrel top. The strike is also noticeably stronger than all my Variant 3 JF's.

    P.S. I traded some bottles to my dad over the weekend for the Renz's Blackberry Brandy he got from you in trade at the show. I've seen a few that are a bit lighter incolor, but all had almost no character to speak of. This one is super crude and whittled, especially for slug plate fifth.

  2. P.P.S. I'll try to get a few more posts & pics going this next week or so...Perhaps a few of the following:
    ●A 'Berry' Merry Christmas: A Renz's Blackberry & Bitters to Boot!
    ●Curved "R" Cutters
    ●E. Martin & Miller's Flasks
    ●J.F. Cutter Fifths: A Coat of Many Colors
    ●Non-vented Jesse Moore Fifths
    ●Western Picture Fifths: Common...But Wanted by All

  3. Very, very nice Tommy Ts ! I love light and dark combos of bottles........


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