Thursday, December 26, 2013

J.F. Cutter

Here is my current little family of J. F. Cutter fifths.    I have three of the old variant 1 (type a) bottles.  Otherwise known by various names... stovepipe top, barrel top, fat boy.    The fat boy on the left was my obsession for a few years,  and yes it is quite green.   The center example will be closer to the one in the ABA auction,  I think. 

They are close in color for sure,  but the stovepipes fall just a bit short on the green o meter to a few examples of the (type b) tapered tops that I have seen over the years.   Lance has a great example!

My old (type b) in a similar color to Lance's is resting comfortably with a collector that posts here on occasion.   Maybe he will chime in...      It was dug high in the mtns. above Salt Lake City.               It needs to come back home


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