Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Colored Cutters

Merry Christmas to all, from the Cutter Family!


  1. Killer JF, the one in the upcoming auction looks to be the same yellow green. Strange though, at Auburn it looked more honey amber !

  2. I added a few photos...as you can see, my backlit cabinet sucks out quite a bit of green. Perhaps the same can be said for ABA backlit cabinet. Regardless, I don't think the one in the auction is anywhere in the same league in terms of Green color. However, it does look like a nice light yellow color, especially light for a stovepipe variant.

    1. Check your printed Catalog, that JF looks very green ! Can anyone that was at Auburn recall the true color ?

  3. I also just added 3 pics from the 2010 Star in Shield Reno Shootout. G.P.'s green machine is the top pic of these 3, I now have the one in pic #2 (Ex. Siri, Mlasko), and the last pic shows the greenest examples from that display. There were about 9 in that display with a solid dose of green, 3-4 of those were strong Green, G.P.'s and this one were the two with the most Green. There are probably 1 or two others somewhere out there with as much green, but I haven't seen them. Maybe A.P., G.P., or the Sole Agent can weigh in with their knowledge of Green J.F.'s in closet collections??

  4. I know that in the 1980s a pure green JF was dug in SF out of all places. Goes to show anything is possible in "digging".

  5. I believe your mean green Lance is one of three of the same color that were dug from a pit in V.C. circa 1970s. The auction bottle is not as green but does have greenish/olive tone. I've seen maybe 8 of these bottles similar in color to yours with one being really green. Great post, their one of my favorites.

  6. It's interesting how our memory recalls different color shades that we have seen. I have found it impossible to get a good comparison of color unless the bottles are standing side by side. Bottles that look like they have quite a lot of green to them, turn yellow amber next to pure green example. It is hard to display your green whiskey bottles on the same shelf as your green bitters bottles. You soon realize that you really don't own any "green" whiskey bottles.
    I think the example in the upcoming ABA auction will be a click or two more to the yellow than the green-ist examples displayed in the Reno Shootout. I haven't seen an example of the Variant 1 / type a (pointed A, barrel top) as green as some of the "type b" (pointed A, tapered top) examples come. I managed to acquire the barrel top I was wanting for years, I thought it was green, my memory told me it was as green as a J.F. could possibly be. It's really quite green, but the taper tops come "more green".
    Maybe the same "green" color that exists in the old Hotaling non crown Cutters, will show up in the J. F. Cutter barrel tops. I thought it did, it probably does. I haven't seen it yet!

  7. I have only seen one pure green barrel top. Dave Acorn dug a "pure green" barrel top JF in Petaluma back in the early 90's. It was one of the bottles that was stolen from his house about 10 yrs ago



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