Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gold Rush Gins

My collecting goals are constantly in flux it seems.   I have really grown to appreciate these Booth and Sedgwick bottles.   All of the early embossed squares are appealing to me.  It's that darn gold rush thing. 

The Jockey Club House gins are so pricey now,  some of the others might be "little more affordable".    

It is really difficult to find nice, mint, pontiled squares.   Seems like everyone is after them.

                   I brought these two home from Roseville.    I love em!!


  Added them to my other two,  and I have a decent little start of a grouping.    The large   size  comes in quite a few different colors,  so I have a long way to go.


  1. Those are nice and early gins. A wonderful connection to the gold rush era of the old west.

    I've been collecting a slightly later square that seems to have a strong tie to the west coast and the CA gold country region: Voldner's / Aromatic Schnapps / Schiedam. In my view, these are very underrated and affordable in comparison to the London Jockey Gins, Wistars, and western bitters in the square shape. At $100-$300, there is no better bargain in the bottle hobby than the Voldner's squares. Early (but not quite as early as the Booth & Sedgwicks), large, distrubed in the old west, and they are crude & multicolored! I'd wager that there are 200-300+ Hostetter's and 100+ large Udolphowolfe's for every 1 Voldner's. And the Booth & Sedgwicks seem twice as rare as the Voldner's.


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