Sunday, January 9, 2011


The 35th Annual Superior California Antique Bottle Show (otherwise known as the Anderson Show) will take place on Saturday Jan 22, 2011.      9 am to 4 pm.    Shasta County Fairgrounds - Anderson, California

I have just received a list of bottles and shot glasses for sale from Ken Schwartz.  He is planning on setting up a sales table ... tables.... at the show and will have approx. 100 whiskies and 100 shot glasses for sale.  Some very rare tools and globs will be available for collectors.   These are duplicate bottles and glasses that Ken has accumulated over the years as he has upgraded examples in his collection.    That collection,  sometimes referred to as the "whiskey museum" on this site,  is the most spectacular grouping of antique whiskey bottles, flasks, shot glasses, advertising signs and related stuff that exists... anywhere!    

Ken will hold an open house for collectors to visit and enjoy viewing this unbelievable collection of western whiskies and related items.     

Just a small sampling of the museum.

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