Sunday, January 23, 2011

Anderson Show 2011

In addition to some great Western bitters, there was an abundance of better whiskies at the Anderson show this year. Ken Schwartz had over a hundred whiskieys available on several tables, with some great fifths available...Amber Bear Grass, Chalmer's, Clark's, McKenna's, Cutters, Portland Hotaling, William Cline, and on and on. I am not sure how many were sold, but it was nice to see this many quality bourbons on tables. Another table had an R.T. Carroll, Renz's Blackberry Brandy, Castle flask, Shoulder Crown Cutter flask, 3 cities Lilienthal's, J.F. Flask. Still another table had a nice Miller's flask, and AAA Old Valley. BK had a pretty" two name Bear" and a top notch shoulder crown Hotaling fifth. There was also a mint, and boldly struck Pride of Kentucky glob that drew a fair share of interest.

I was able to acquire the finest Nabob that I have ever handled, and a very scarce Van Schuyver Portland glob. Once again, Anderson proved to be a very good show with more quality glass per foot than most. The weather was beautiful and in the 70s which was a welcome change from the ice fog and cold weather of Southern Oregon. I was unable to attend Ken Schwartz' open house this year, but my sources indicate a jam packed and wonderful event it was!


  1. Thanks for the update Dale. I wish I could have made it this year.

    Beautiful Nabob!

  2. Nice fifths, M.E.
    It sounds like Anderson always brings out some nice glass. I've got to make it there soon, especially as a fifth collector! Not having seen Ken's collection is kind of like being a gold miner without knowing what a golden nugget is....The truth is, I'm scared to see such a collection that will make me want to dig a hole/coffin for all of my inferior bottles to be re-buried in!

    Thanks for the show report!



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