Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lilienthal & Co.

Dale's recent "Red & Green" Lilienthal Christmas post inspired me take and share a few pictures of the Lilienthal & Co.bottles my dad and I have been able to put together so far....

Here's a representative sampling of about half of the different shapes and embossing patterns found on the various Lilienthal & Co. bottles. I can't think of another set of early whiskey bottles (other than Cutters) featuring so many uniquely different shapes, styles, and sizes as the Lilenthals.

Left to Right: AT Banded Cognac-style flask, AT Large-pattern fifth, AT Banded Pint flask, TT Banded 1/2 Pint flask.

Here are some pretty rare flasks to find; and I haven't heard of any of the following having been dug recently....

Left to Right: Green colored High S.F. variant (with partial "Blue Lick" whiskey label on reverse), Amber colored High S.F. variant, and a orange toned Low S.F. variant.


  1. Just need each size of the "Tri-Cities", and a teardrop! Great grouping of Lilienthal's. They sure experimented with many shapes of containers to market their product. These are a collection in themselves. NICE!

  2. Nice "company" collection you have there Lance. Looks like you've got only a few left to find. We sure don't seem to dig the older Lil. flasks at all in the Bay Area, other than the seed and coffin. The large-pattern fifths come out once in awhile, and sometimes in a big way! Once I dug 11 in one pit, then about 20 yrs later I dug 13 out of another pit.
    The small-pattern fifths sometimes come in a real attractive light yellow-olive-amber coloration, as stated in Thomas' book. Funny thing on those is, I had never seen one in that color, only having had read about them in the book (read it at least a hundred times!). Then one day about 12 yrs ago, I pulled a nice one, in that very same coloration, out of a giant 1880s hole that had been missed by other diggers because it was mostly under a garage ! S

    Sure would like to dig a few of the flasks someday. Guess I"ll have to head over to Nv more often to fill that order !!
    Some friends of mine dug a yellow strap-side Distillers flask in the "golden bourbon triangle" (Belleville,Columbus, Candelaria) area a few yrs ago


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