Monday, December 27, 2010

Palm tree blues

Sometimes the soothing sounds of waves and trade winds, along with tropical temperatures needs a little opposition. Rick's post got me to thinking of the other "soothing sound" we hear while at our Sierra cabin. The snow is arse deep now, but wait until it begins to melt in the Spring. The river roaring by makes outside conversation nearly impossible, but lulls you to sleep in the evening.


  1. That's the spring runoff last June, Rick. This year the river didn't get low enough to swim it until late July. In some years there's so much water that you can't see any rocks at all. It's a seething, rip roaring monster that actually invades homes that are closer to it. Huge boulders move around and sound like bass drums under the water. I try to stay away from it. You slip and fall in and it's all over. Some years back a young couple were standing on a rock upstream and she slipped and fell in. We found her body wedged under a rock a mile downstream 3 months later. I spied her blue shirt and called the Sheriff to send their recovery team. I went down and cleaned the sand and debris from around her before they arrived on scene. It was not a pretty sight.

    On a higher note, there were plenty of bottles to dig up there. The "Road to Washoe", also the Pony Express trail is just up the hill and our road was built in 1862 and was the original Hwy 50 until 1935 when the "new" road was constructed. Two years ago, someone broke in over the winter and stole every bottle in the place. There were dozens of nice western knife edge no-namer flasks, lots of small OP meds and a killer pale yellow Rosenbaums with a crack in the top. They also took all of my historical and early day family photos, as well as California made pottery plates and bowls. The D from the SO said it was most likely a family member that did it. I have my suspicions, but so far no proof. Bummer.

  2. Hey Mike, that's definitely much better than mud and debris three feet deep flowing down your street and threatening your home like a wild banshee. That's what we had here in Highland last Wednesday. We escaped damage to our home, but I've been shoveling mud for days assisting neighbors. Walked up the street today and some are still shoveling mud from inside their homes.

    To change things up a little from the mud routine, I got out yesterday to dig a permission with my digging partner. With 17+ inches of rain in 6 days it's like probing butter. Bagged a couple of rare So Cal hutches and other goodies.

    But please, no more roaring rivers here...take me back to Kentucky Gem's warm island pics!

    A Happy New Year to you all!

  3. Heh, heh. What's wrong with beautiful CA mountain streams? I hear you guys been playing along side a river down that way. Keep up the good work.

  4. I find that there is a time and place for different needs and moods. I grew up running around in the mountains,and feel there is nothing like it. Some of my best memories are from my time exploring remote areas in search of glass, or elk, or deer. We still spend part of the Summer in Sierra County on family property.
    I also love the tropical climates a few times a year, and have some regular hangouts on the Big Island, The Bahamas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Cabo San's all good. Kind of in a digging mood today, so will hit the dirt this week, and see what comes up. Heading to Arizona for a week of adventure in a couple of months, and hope to find a Pride of Kentucky,A.M. Gilman, or M. Keller!

  5. Arizona? Isn't it snowing there too?


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