Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Colors of Christmas-Green and Red

In order to spread a little Christmas spirit, here is some green and red decorations for the shelf.

I hope everyone is having a nice Christmas season!

Dale M.

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  1. Very nice M.E.! If you're playing Santa ... I'll take one of each!

    Those early "reddish" amber fifths and flasks make the greens and the yellows really glow when you display them in a group. I like that swirly old red one! My old set of three is still residing in Nevada City. I missed seeing them and having dinner with their owner during Auburn show weekend. Next year, for sure!!

    These 'high S.F' Lillies are a bit earlier than is indicated in Thomas book. They definitely go back to 1868/69. Great glass, San Francisco blown clean and colors.


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