Sunday, November 1, 2009


Here are a couple of photos that I just received.   Some super additions to M.E.'s ever growing collection.

Here is one that he has been wanting for quite awhile.


Very nice Jesse Moore(t-94 var.A)  or without the vent.  Great color!  Just came from the digger, needs to be cleaned up a little.

Davy Crockett(t-73)     Here is a rare one.  I have only seen a couple of these over the years with the glob top.   Great addition!

Here is a photo sent in by a reader from the "Southern Mines". 
Little fuzzy on the picture,  but there is no doubting the color.

Gads!   I don't know if these get any more green than this!

Nice bottle, Zeke!


  1. That green mid-crown is simply spectacular! I cannot believe the color...WOW!!!!!!

  2. WOW.......that mid-crown looks at least 80% green ! Can we get some more photos ?


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