Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Another story of two of a kind rare globs is this extremely rare DENAVEAUX and MAISON(t-61).   Years ago,  late 60's-early 70's,  two of these were picked up from an I-80 antique shop/ rock shop/ junk shop somewhere between Lovelock and Wells.  I don't know where exactly,  but a long time Salt Lake collector happened upon them on his way home and knew enough about whiskey bottles to take a chance at 'a hunerd' for the pair.  He unloaded both of them quickly,  one went to the Owen Collection,  the other was sold locally and fell out of sight... until three years ago. 
When I purchased the Owen Collection a few years ago,  I obtained Blackie's "little black book" of collectors that he knew and bottles that were on his radar from the 1960's-70's.  Obviously, that little book has been very interesting!!  I was able to track down the family of the owner of that second Denaveaux and Maison.   The two Maison's were back together again,  well, for a few months anyway....

Another transitional fifth,  at least one of the known examples is a tool top.   Airvented,  so it is not real crude,  though this one has a bit of whittle.   A very pretty bottle and a rare one!   Still just a handful in western collections.


  1. The D.M. is a killer rare bottle, and the story behind acquiring it is very interesting. I do have a bit of a "beef" though. You are KILLING me with the Suits and Woodburn in the background! Thanks alot. What beautiful glass. When was the last Walker Bros. dug? M.E.

  2. SOLEAGENT, there seems be something blocking the picture of those two great bottles. Can you push it aside so we can get a better look at those two awesome 5ths in the back ground? That Walker Bros. is unbelievable, what a great bottle. Years ago I had a beautiful mint tooled D.M. that was heck of crude, full of bubbles and light orange amber. It now resides in a Reno collection.

  3. The D.M. is a nice looking fifth, thought I could get the yellowish color to stand out more between the other two fifths. Sorry, didn't mean to torment you.

    The last Walker Bros. was found about 6 years ago or so. Glen and Read G. found it in Salt Lake City. That makes 8 intact and 1 with the neck repaired. Four of the 8 are mint, other 4 have various small? issues.

  4. They actually dug it on a Thurs night, one day before the 2004 Reno show. Nothin' beats going out right before the show and diggin something killer to talk about !! It's mint, olive-amber, and AWESOME !



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