Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Here is a copy of the trade mark awarded to Naber, Alfs & Brune for Phoenix Old Bourbon.   Awarded on Aug. 16th, 1879.   Check out an earlier post on the "Phoenix display" seen on a steroview taken in San Francisco in 1879.   Probably paper label only early on,  embossed fifths came along shortly.  

Many different Phoenix fifths and flasks have been located.   Collectors of  "Phoenix" material (bottles) have a lot of items to look for,  and most? are affordable.   Advertising items for Phoenix Old Bourbon are very rare. 

The early fifth varieties (1880-1885) come with both applied and tool tops.   All of the flask varieties are tool tops I believe.   Those pretty little pints and half pints like the one Andrew just found seem to be a bit later than the first fifths.  Probably late 1880's to mid 1890's.


  1. Wow!
    Its nice to see the old soleagent is still around. Thought you might have gotten lost somewhere in Nevada.

  2. Still kickin'! I have had a tough couple of weeks...sick! Before the crud put me down, I was digging a bit.
    Oct thru Feb are my busy months anymore, but I will try to crank out a few posts. Appreciate everyone's contributions, keeps the blog fresh.


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