Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Keeping up the theme of bottles we have not talked about before,  here is an early one.   Jockey Club(t-19)
These are only known in the sixth size,  and seem to run in the early 70's era.   George Chesley was a pioneer merchant and liquor dealer opening a store in Sacramento in 1855.  He had been a very early arrival to California, pre gold rush,  and had gained experience running an auction business or commission house in early San Francisco. 
According to Wilson,  Chesley opened up a 'liquor house in the heart of the San Francisco liquor district' in 1872 and for a few years traveled back and forth between his warehouse in S.F. and the store in Sacto.  In 1877 he turned the San Francisco business over to an agent. 

This broken one was found a few years ago in eastern Nevada.
I found two additional broken examples in the eastern side of the State.

Not too many around,  would rate as very rare.  Several beautiful, whittled,  greenish examples are known.

Later the brand was sold by E.A. Fargo of San Francisco.

Does anyone have any additional information to share on Geo. Chesley?  E.A. Fargo?   Please pass it along.


  1. I have always liked the Jocky Club as it is a fairly early bottle. Richard Siri had a dark chocolate example at Chico that I hesitated on...regret not buying it when I had the chance. You know, I have no regrets of acquiring a good bottle, even at a high price...only regrets of not buying some. FYI, my website will be offering some beautiful fifths from a small grouping being consigned. SUPER McKenna's, several Cutters...should be in the next week or so. M.E.

  2. Nice Advertising Piece, Love the old Advertising. Is there anymore out there for viewing? Soleagent do you still have the S.T.Suits tradecard you got from me some years ago? Dr.Barnes

  3. Hey Doc,
    Yes, I still have that tradecard. I picked up a different Suits card on ebay a few months ago. Someone had trimmed it a bit. Richard S. has two different examples of Suits cards that I don't have. There is a Suits Salt River Bourbon token that you see once in awhile. Sure would like to get something from Walker Bros.

  4. I have had the good fortune of digging two different Chesley's here in Sactown. One was a nice light greeenish amber and the other somewhat darker, but both were crude dogs. One went to Peck and the other to another local collector. That was WAY back in the '70s and plenty of other glass has passed through in the meanwhile. I can use the age game to plead " I have no recollection of that", like some of our favorite politocos. Neither was more than a couple "C" notes, but, like other things, time has changed.


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