Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A real Zinger of a "Bottled By" Cutter!

Here's something totally unique that traded hands recently, thought I'd share a few pictures before it leaves here for its new home. It's a "BOTTLED BY" Cutter blown in a light yellow amber with an applied top with heavy bands of dark puce swirls throughout. I've never seen such intense swirling like this in any embossed Western 5th. Kinda reminds me of the tornado out of the Wizard Of Oz as it's only a dream to find something like this with any embossed Western bottle.


  1. Wow, my kind of bottle ! Reminds me of the swirled SHM Mike Lake has.

  2. Wow, someone forgot to stir the pot on that one ! Cool, how even on late fifths there are wild examples that exist.

  3. Another Wow!
    Its a beauty. I'll bet those "Bottled By" Cutters will get some respect now.

  4. Cool jug! I have always had a respect for "Bottled Bys", and own a few of them, from light yellow to deep red amber. Truly crude and outlandish examples are very difficult to come by, and this one takes the cake.

  5. That's an incredible Cutter bottle! I saw a demijohn with swirls at a show a few years ago but it was nothing like this. I'll bet some lucky collector was happy to get this one.


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