Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unembossed Western Flasks

Colored Knife-edge Pint Flasks (all have Applied-tops with the exception of the clear-amethyst colored one which has a Tooled-top).

1/2 Pint Flask assortment.

Applied-top Pint Flasks, pictured Left to Right: Knife-Edge in Green, Union Oval in Yellow, Strap-side in Dark Amber.

Slick flasks on front & back, embossed: "E. Martin & Co. on base." Left to Right: AT Pint, AT Pint, TT Pint, Trans. TT 1/2Pint.


  1. Nice Run of Colors, Now that what I'm talking about. Jon has a grayish colored applied top knife edge pint. My big X Base Quart in Green was actually Dug in the East, has an applied double collar top. You look to have picked up somemore stuff since last time I was over. I would say its time for another viewing. DB

  2. Lance, the yellowish flask in the second photo from the bottom doesn't look western to me. The bottle is a little too fat and the top and shoulders a little eastern looking. Just a thought, I may be wrong.

  3. lance I have e,m. and co. appied top in half pints,in blue////// and aqua/ and clear/old bumstead

  4. lance, the amber half pint is applied the blue and others are crude tooled tops,pld bumstead


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