Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pride of Kentucky

Here is a bottle that is somewhat of a mystery to me... They are supposedly fairly prevalent, with over 30 examples in collections. I just do not see the glob top Pride available for sale, nor have I heard of a mint example being dug for many years. This bottle sure looks fairly early, with the "fat" body, and early style base similar to an early non-crown Cutter Hotaling. But, they also come tooled, which like the Mc Kenna's, indicates a pretty long run. This example is an old amber, and has a strong strike for this bottle. This has been a fifth that I have had the hardest time upgrading, as there just does not seem to be any available. Once highly regarded, and firmly in the "top 25" they seem to have fallen out of favor a bit, but nobody is letting go of theirs! Anyone out there dug a Pride? Ever? It would be great to see some nice examples posted.


  1. I dug two of them in Eureka, CA, back in the '70s. One was kinda plain amber, whittled and had a huge top. The other was bright yellow, also whittled, but was neatly tooled. I sold the glopper for $500 and the toolie barely fetched $125. The toolie was a far more attractive bottle that lacked the magical glob.

    We also dug a couple of killer Old Gilt Edges, a few "Roosters", Old Tom Parkers, and numerous more common globs and toolers. At that time the locals called me a "carpetbagger" for rolling into town and immediately finding great glass. I spent a year there and and spent a lot of time in the towns and woods with great friends. I miss the warm winters and cool summers.

  2. Dug a med. amber toolie Pride a few yrs ago. Fifteen yrs ago dug a hammer-whittled dark old-amber glob.
    The epic example would've been the light olive-yellow, hammer-whittle one, with the top missing at the ring, that I pulled out of a boarding house privy 13 yrs ago to the day today !


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