Sunday, October 24, 2010

Western Bitters Site Back Online

Fellow collectors,
After receiving an email from Bruce Silva informing me the pirates that hijacked the Western Bitters News site had abandoned it, I spent the time to try and resurrect and restore the content of the Western Bitters News.
I am happy to announce that the Western Bitters News is back online at the new address and I will try to keep fresh content on the site every week.
I have the Annual Forest City Applefest to attend today (in the pouring rain) but will start adding new content to the site on Monday and look forward to keeping this site alive for all of us collectors to enjoy. I have all of the old posts up and running for those that want to look them over.

See you over at


  1. EXCELLENT!!!!!! Thanks for sticking with it.

  2. I'm late but have been in the woods getting another Bambi dinner. Glad as all get out to see you back on board, Rick.


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