Thursday, October 21, 2010

Canyonville Show Pick Up...

This year's Canyonville show was larger than ever, with all tables sold, and some great displays. There is a full report on the Western Tooled Top Gazette.

It seems that every year, I am able to add a quality piece to my collection, and this year was no exception. In addition to purchasing a pretty golden olive Lacour's Bitters, and an ice blue Chas. Bernard, S.F. spice, I was able to acquire this incredible deep colored Farmer's Horse Medicine. This is the large size, and it is very crude with some great glass characteristics. I now have two of a nice ice blue, and this example. Both were dug in the same Northwest town. It is a nice surprise to be able to find a bottle like this at a show, but Canyonville always provides a chance at this nice Western glass brought in by diggers, and collectors that rarely attend the other shows in the West. I guess this show is not such a "secret" any more.


  1. Dale, How about a picture of that ice blue Chas. Bernard, S.F. spice ? Colors in the spice's are good. DB

  2. Just wondering if you've seen a small size Farmer's with curved "R's" and an applied top?


  3. Rick,

    I will post a pic of the Bernard...its very pretty. Tom, I cannot recall ever seeing a small Farmers applied at all. I might be just forgetful, but I would have one in my collection if I had. The small versions I have seen are all tooled, and I do not recall the "r"s. DM

  4. Dale,

    I thought it was kind of an oddball, so I hung onto it after digging it.

  5. the blue farmers was in a 40 ft. deep hole,ten ft. wide hole and was the only embossed bottle. the broken auqa wonsers kept us going./


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