Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Wormser Bros. Strike Back

Miller's Extra recently posted a nice write-up on the differing lip and color variations found on the vertical Wormser Bros. flasks. These sure are classic, early, and nowadays tough to find flasks. I've never dug a whole one, just a bust Green colored one that would have been an arguable top example, right along with the nice Green one pictured in the Thomas whiskey book. I've also found a broken golden-yellow example of the Wormser Barrel in the Nevada desert (as pictured in the Downieville post prior)...and that's all I think I've ever managed to find from The W-Bros....

Pictured below is the "bay area" example found about 1-2 years ago. This one has a strong strike, very heavy whittle, super green color, and that sparklematic western has it all (except for the glue holding half of the pieces together and a few more missing pieces to the glass puzzle).

Bottom & Backside view:

Pictured between a few Western companions for color comparison:

My dad's current Wormser trio (below). From Left to Right: Yellow-Olive with smaller-sized double roll top, (Former R. Simi collection), Amber with olive tone, fat & large double roll top (Former J. Lawson collection), Amber with slight yellow-olive tone, flat top/over-sized double roll top (Former J. Lawson/Blake from Utah, collections).

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