Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Just received this very cool ad from Warren Friedrich. Portland Morning Oregonian March thru July 1868.

Check out the bottle Wormser Bros. were using in early 1868. Looks like the wide body to me. Wormser(tf-62) The only thing that would be better would be to show the bottle with a "champange top".

Hildburgh Bros. knew how to pick the brands for their agency. What, a flask or square bottle doesn't interest you, how about some of these new grape brandy bitters in the unusual, funny looking bottle.

I love that Alex von Humboldt's ad. "One wine-glass full taken three times a day, before meals" That is a lot of stomach bitters!! Say a wineglass is 12 oz, not a sherry glass but a wine glass. If you are pouring your own at home, I don't think your going to scrimp with an 6 - 8oz. serving. Say we split the diff. and say 10oz. That's 30 oz. a day, or more than a fifth per day. I just had to measure my Alex Von Humboldts and it holds 22oz at just below the top. Hell, that is a 1.3 bottles per day!! I need to find someone that was hooked on Alex. back in 1868. Wouldn't take too long to fill a privy with bottles at that rate.

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  1. Roger - Its the Western Whiskey News online - pretty cool! Heard rumors that you might be at Chico. Hope to see you there - Rick Simi


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