Thursday, October 22, 2015

It is still here !

Yes, you are seeing the old whiskey blog.


  1. The absence of the whiskey blog only made my fondness for the western fifths and flasks grow stronger! But I'm sure glad it's back!

    As great as it's been to see all the posts on the bitters news blog and tool top gazette, there's nothing as representative of the old west as an 1870's era glob top fifth! Cowboys, guns, horses, gold, silver and....Whiskey! Everything else takes a back seat :)

  2. The upcoming ABA auction has a new to the market California Clubhouse whiskey dug in downtown S.F. many years ago. Nice looking example.

  3. Wonder what it will go for? I could see it going for less than 20K. It will be very telling with regards to the western whiskey market.

  4. We will know in approximately three weeks. There are quite a few nice bottles in this auction, should be fun to participate in or watch.

  5. Nice to see the whiskey blog back. Good work Andrew! Maybe this will bring some of the collectors out of their coma
    - rs -

  6. Indeed, it's great to see everything that Roger worked so hard to make available back and accessible to the collecting public.

    Here's wishing for nothing but the best with this resurrection.

    And remember fellow collectors, it's your site; so take some time to contribute fresh articles and or positive feedback!


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