Monday, November 21, 2011

More interesting information about the Alma Soda bottle

For awhile now I have been studying that bottle as well as a base embossed only PGW soda bottle. I actually have in my possession a Pacific Glass Works soda bottle that is identically embossed to the Pacific Glass Works embossing on the base of the Alma Soda bottle. I am certain that this PGW soda bottle mold was altered and became the MISENHEIMER & HALL / ALMA SODA bottle.


  1. Interesting,can you post a photo ? We recently dug a privy stuffed with over 40 mid to late 1860s PGW (and possibly SFGW) sixths in a rainbow of colors including teal, black glass, yellows, greens, and puces. Included in the mix are three embossed with a large C on the base. Last year at Auburn I saw another example with the C, but have no idea who or what it may signify. Any ideas ??

  2. I forgot an important part of the story; only one sixth was intact !!

  3. I don't have any idea about the embossed letter 'C', but would certainly be interested in seeing any of these bottle shards if you kept them. I will probably have the PGW soda bottle at the show.


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