Monday, November 14, 2011


Here’s a few pictures from one of our more interesting recent digs. Down we went through eight feet of rubble and then a two foot clean dirt plug layer. Under that there were 5ths stacked in there like cord wood. A fourteen foot deep brick lined privy that produced almost every variety of circle Cutter known. It started out 1890s and went back to the 1870s.
The highlights included thirty Cutters and four rare pumpkin seeds. There must have been at least another 75 busted Cutters as well. Strange thing was that this pit lacked almost any other kind of bottle besides whiskey, all Cutters.................

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  1. what are the clear flasks?, are all the fifths bottled by cutters? no sole agent ones?

  2. !! well done. were there any whiskeys down at the 1870s level ?

  3. Nice goin', Lou. I love "Cuttering out" and have dug pits that were "Lincoln Logged" with 'em. looks like a privy that was converted into a WC later on. The construction looks kinda familiar to me.

  4. Fantastic dig LL. Someone mentioned you might have a rare Bakersfield flask in the lot.
    Will we see some of the finds at Auburn?

  5. was bobby boy allowed down into the hole ?? amamzing dig boys!

  6. No, Bobby boy is still in teen traning.......


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