Monday, March 22, 2010

Thos. Taylor

Here is a very interesting piece which pretty much has it all as far as I am concerned. One of the most exciting Western whiskey cylinders is the Thos. Taylor Importers, Virginia, N. This paper is after these bottles were made I believe, but is a nice piece of history none the less. With "Virginia, Nev." "Wells Fargo & Co. Bank" "Thos. Taylor & Co." and "Washoe Club", the references to several Nevada, and mining concerns are on this one piece. Perhaps another "blogger" could post some detailed history on Thos. Taylor, and his bottles.

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  1. M.E., I really enjoy the paper stuff that goes along with these bottles we collect. Sometimes a nice item will show up at a show or even on fleabay...occasionally for just a few bucks you can land a treasure. Might even be autographed by one of these famous dealers.
    Twist Dennis' arm .... maybe he will share a photo of that Chalmer's Wells Fargo cover. It is a great piece!!


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