Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have received several emails regarding being an author of a post to our Western Whiskey blog. There is room for up to one hundred authors for the blog, that should give us plenty of variety. All it takes is registering your name and email address with the admin.  I would love to have anyone that would like to be an author of postings give it a shot. My creativity comes is fits and starts, as you can tell, sometimes weeks pass without a creative thought passing between my ears.

As far as commenting on an existing post, that is open to anyone that is signed up as a follower.

Sign up as a follower, it is very easy. An email will notify you of new postings to the blog.

It is apparent that everyone likes to see bottle picts. It is easy to post them, and I think we should start a photo library of all the glob fifths and flasks. They are easy to group, we could assemble quite a photo album of bottles over time. I haven't tried it yet, but videos are supposedly easy to insert into your blog posting. If you have a video of a bottle dig that you want to share that would be fantastic. If you want to video a few bottles for us to drool over, super. Remember, the white gloves are optional and may in fact be a trademark of a popular auction house.
Email me with any questions or if you want to author.... soleagent@aol.com

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  1. Thanks to all the generous fellow collectors that allowed me to visit them in their homes and allow me to photograph their bottles, I have probably the most extensive photo library of glob-top whiskies that exists. I have travelled to 5 different states and visited w/ scores of collectors to personally document and photogragh fifths and flasks. Every photo was taken within the same environment (I used a special white plastic mini-tent) and with the same exact lighting (I used 3 light stands). The only problem... is that the photos are on color slides. My research project and photos were taken in the mid-1990's before digital cameras were the norm.
    If someone that is tech-savy and has the proper device to convert these slides to digital format discs, and would like to volunteer their time, I would be willing to share the results here on this blog. We could have an awesome virtual whiskey photo library. Never before will so many different examples of the top bottles (and lesser rare bottles) be able to be viewed together in one spot and in the same environment.



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