Tuesday, March 10, 2009


There are still wild horses to be seen in western Nevada. Despite the best efforts of the B.L.M. to round up the horses and anyone looking for said horses, a true stallion could still make an appearance at any time.

We caught just a glimpse of these two palominos last year, and worked hard to get a rope/hand around the neck of one, but it was not to be.

This particular breed of horse has made it's way from the S.F. Bay area and now populates several areas near Washoe, Storey and Nye Counties in Nevada.

My past experiences in horse watching in the Nevada desert have been unfulfilled at best, and the snapshot that may best describe my temperament and personality after another unsuccessful roundup is--

After reading this post you may also want to put words to the snapshot
"What a horse's ASS".


  1. Good stuff Roger - I signed up to follow your posts - Rick

  2. SoleAgent

    Most of the better wild horses (eg. Gold Dust morabs) have long since been corraled from the obvious sinkholes in the NV desert ! Better horse watching areas now are urban areas like the SF Bay Area, Napa Valley, and semi-urban VC !!


  3. Hey A.P., have you been following the chatter on Gold Dust on antiquebottleforum. I must have missed the last 20 or so Gold Dusts that were dug. They claim, or someone claims that there are upwards of 50 known. Your population history of ten years ago or so was about 30 total amber John's and N's I think. I not counting aquas, any updates?

  4. SoleAgent

    I havent been following the antiquebottleforum, but I do follow the glob whiskies, and especially those in the top 25.... very closely. My current log shows 52 whole Johns and N's, with 10 of those having serious damage (in the form of repairs or cracks)and 6 with lesser issues.
    The mint/near mint Johns are now 2 to 1 vs the N's..... 24 vs 12 respectively


  5. I've always wanted to know more about the horse behind the bottle....The famous racehorse -- "Gold Dust!" Thanks for the interesting write-up Roger!

  6. How about some more Gold Dust photos ?


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