Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just an additional comment about Braunschweiger and Bumsted. I found an old folder that I had put away with a Bear Grass label included. Notice that the trade mark is registered in Sept. 1884, which led me to another source that provided additional information. It seems like Herman Braunschweiger registered a group of whiskey trademarks with the State of California in 1884. These include Bear Grass, Golden Rule, Silver Wedding, Extra Pony, and others. They were registered by Braunschweiger & Co. So it seems that Bumsted was no longer associated with Braunschweiger as of Sept. 1884.

Back in 1995, Steve Abbott put together a little booklet of California Whiskey Trademarks 1864-1916. I have found myself using this resource many times over the years.

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