Thursday, May 17, 2012


Here is a subject we have posted about in the past.   The W.S. Wright bottles that were found in a deep hole behind the old Wright building in V.C.    It was surmised that possibly the first batch of bottles that were delivered to William Wright,  from the Pacific Glass Works,  were of such poor quality that they were unusable.  

If you haven't had a chance to see Fred Holabird's new book  NEVADA HISTORY THROUGH GLASS Volume I,  I recommend you pick up a copy.   They are available through Holabird Americana on the web, or through ebay  DND Collectables.   About 30 bucks including postage.   Hardback,  340+ pages,  loaded with information and pictures.  It is a tremendous book!  Volume II is coming later this year,  Nevada pharmacy bottles and medicines.

Reportedly the hole, dug in 1989, was nearly 36 feet deep with a solid layer of broken W.S. Wright sodas.  Estimated at several thousand broken bottles,  a few intact examples did survive.   Interesting story about it in Fred's book.


  1. A note to the whiskey collectors .Bring a couple of your favorites to put in the joint display at Reno .You don't want the Bitters guys getting all the press.

  2. Does anyone have any Nevada dig pics they could share ? How about that legendary privy/mine-shaft dig that produced dozens of barrels/flasks, ect ??

  3. Is this Big Pit the one that was dug in Richard & Melissa M's backyard in VC? or one of the 3 on the side of the garage?


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