Monday, March 7, 2011


Here are a few more photos of our bottle steak fry the other day. 

This group of fifths are a portion of the Glen and Read G. collection.   They have concentrated on 'color runs'  for the most part.   We used the other display to show off the T-43 Circles,  so many great bottles were hidden away in boxes before I got the camera out.   The 19 Circles from the last post belong to Glen & Read,  Blake P., and yours truly.

A run of three McKennas,  three J.Moores, Blakes,  Non Crown Cutters,  J.F. Cutters,  etc....

The S.T. Suits bottle was dug a few years ago,  it is mint and the last example of this rare fifth to surface.
The Circles are already starting to replace a few bottles I wish I would have clicked.  The bros. have the finest set of Martin Mid Crown fifths I have seen,  including a superb green example.  Also a killer set of W.A. Gaines fifths. 

The winner is.....   the one in the center.   Jewels, whittle, tall mold,  tied for greenest in color.  Dug about 15 years ago.

More of these goofy Reynold's Herb Beers.  

I'm the one that is goofy.  I should have been trying to get some of these together when they were available.

They are a scarce bottle and most of these are now concentrated in three collections here in Utah.

They were blown approx. 1886-1888.

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  1. The "G" Bros have some SMOKIN' fifths! Many more Cotter Circulos than sit in this casa.


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