Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Distant Memory

How many of you recall John Thomas's first list with the original line drawings and his contact information on the outside edges? For some unknown reason this was stuck in the pages of one of my old copies of Bill and Betty Wilson's "Spirits Bottles Of The Old West. Sort of an interesting footnote to whiskey collecting history.


  1. Just curious as to what bottle is fifth from the left, top row. Never saw an E. Martin without a crown either on the shoulder, or mid way down...must be a rare one. I could just be losing my marbles too.

    Dale M.

  2. Did someone claim to have dug pieces a 'full face' E.Martin at the time ???

  3. Wow! you are reachin' way WAY back. This is even before my time and I'm as old as dirt.

    You must be older than dirt! HA!

  4. I think it's 1966 or '67. JT was just beginning to begin work oh his "new" whiskey book. I thing that the "Open Face" E. Martin was an mistake in drawing and the crown in center was omitted, or maybe John was the victim of erroneous info. You know, sort of like the persistent "Old Figment" that the "Silvas" found pieces of and threw away. Maybe one of these days a new and previously unknown fifth will be discovered and the ball will begin rolling again.

  5. Aaah your both young uns, I can tell ya which came first, dirt or water, and it was water. And that list was next!.......Andy

  6. My guess is that it represents the Mid-Crown E. Martin but the artist forgot to draw in the crown like M.D. said. If not, that means there is an ultra rare, and very early E. Martin no-crown fifth out there!


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