Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Adventures of Fleck, En, Stein, & Mayer

The Trio in different lighting:

I'm on the way up to Portland for Thanksgiving old city where these bottles were all once shipped off to, after being blown in San Francisco.

Pictured Left to Right (Below): Union Oval 1/2 Pint Flask (TT) with embossing inside of slug plate, Knife-edge Pint Flask (AT) with full-faced embossing, Open-faced Fifth Cylinder (AT) with open-faced embossing, and Knife-edge Pint Flask (Transitional TT) with embossing inside of slug plate.

And while I'll be visiting their destination place; they will be making the journey back towards their place of birth, not too far off from S.F.

Coming soon to an Auburn sales table near you....(all but the dark flask on the right will be offered for trade or sale).


  1. oldbumstead would like to see all of those in person if possible,live in portland area

  2. Then a change of course ensues for the the F&M trio. I'll connect with you this week so you can see them in person. Chances are you've already held a few of them in hand when they were fresh outta the ground....I think it would be most fitting for them to stick together and their home to match the embossed city they so proudly represent.


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