Saturday, May 29, 2010

Local digger finds "Wolly"

This nice Wolters Bros fifth came from a TINY 2' deep privy on a LONG time vacant lot in an early residential area of Sacramento. This lot has been pounded by "Pro-Fessional" diggers, but the little pit was somehow missed. This bottle was popped out yesterday afternoon by my diggin' partner while I was busy door knockin' to seek permissions for today. I missed out on the fun, but did get a permish on a virgin yard in Alkali. The little seed filled hole held only 2 undamaged bottles, a Jos Hahn pharmacy and this bottle. Everything else was wasted. Go figure, it's usually the other way around. Nice job, Chuck, you 'da MAN!


  1. Congrats, gotta give credit to anyone that scores on vacant lots these days.

  2. Congrats Chuck and Mike! I know you guys both dig and dig and dig tirelessly regardless of the short-term results. It's cool to see hard work, local knowledge, and a little bit of luck pay off every once in awhile, eh? And it's especially cool to see something come out from an unsuspecting area/hole that a lot of people had probably figured was all played out...No lot is ever 100% finished until it has been aggressively probed, pounder-probed, and then the outhouse(s), well(s), cistern(s), test-well(s), little "Johnnie pit(s)," trenches, trash-pit(s), worker's pit(s), have all been dug. Then It can often make the difference if a lot is re-probed during a wetter time of year, re-probed, re-dug, and then re-ABD-ed by other diggers until every square inch of ground has been moved around....and even then it is still worth baby-sitting in the event something was still missed, like an under the sidwalk trash pit, drop-in pit, super-deep capped-off hole, floater pit, floater bottle, or low-point area.

    Great find! It is never easy to find a good whiskey!

  3. I assume this 5th will be split between the two of you since you were out gaing permission for the BOTH of you at the time ?

  4. Not really. I was not present when the bottle was dug, but was some distance away. Not to worry, I don't need a cut on that one.

    I did score a nice Cutter(T-44C)yesterday. It has a much older looking, very drippy, top. Too bad it's such a common one, but it fits in my grouping, so I'll keep it.

  5. Good thing it was just a common and not a heavy ! A desperado that plays on stale vacant lots deserves to keep'em....


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