Sunday, May 23, 2010

A "Crier" with a CAPITAL "C"

This sad bottle was wrenched from it's earthen resting place by a backhoe operator putting in a septic tank in a northern San Joaquin County, CA, burg. After decapitating this beautiful sixth he casually tossed it onto the spoils, leaving it gleaming in the sun, only to be seen by a passing digger.
All he could tell from outside the fence was that it had the look of a western whiskey. After inserting a probe under the gate and dragging the remains to the edge he was able to see the star on the base. Thinking that it was most likely a unembossed sixth he reached in and pulled it out into the alley. Turning it over and seeing that it was embossed, he nearly dropped it. OH NO!! Of all the bottles to be shattered by a machine, why was it this one? A major BUMMER, indeed.

Evans & O'Brien/No 222/ Main St/ Stockton


  1. At least, looking at this in a more positive light,the bottle was not one that slipped out of his hands and hit the floor!...rgarb.

  2. At least it was a weak example ! Thank god.

  3. Sad, seems like it's been a while since a mint one was dug.

  4. Looks like Freddy Krouger's hand holding that bottle !


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