Friday, September 23, 2016

Loaded Liquor Pit

Every once in a while you hit a pit that is absolutely loaded with liquor bottles. Sometimes they have whiskey, and sometimes they are full of champagnes, blacks, case gins, and wines........... It takes a special pit to produce this volume of liquor in the form of whiskies !


  1. So much for the old rule of thumb about outers being within 50 feet of the back door, or on the side or rear property lines.

    Geez, this one looks to be within ten feet of the street in fornt of the house. I'll bet the honey dippers were appreciative, even if the neightbors weren't~

  2. The photo is misleading, the pits were on the back line. Problem was that the pioneer family was French°!

  3. Lots of wine bottles and cheese wrappers?


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