Tuesday, December 1, 2015

United We Stand

Just sent in from an anonymous digger on the West Coast. Looks like a nice light old amber United We Stand with a big top. How many examples of these are known ?


  1. Wow! That is the nicest UWS I have ever seen! Congrats!!!!!!

  2. It sure looks yellow olive on my Kindle. Terrific color.

  3. great bottle and color,the one I dug was orange amber

  4. To the best of my knowledge, there are less than a dozen, including this one, in collections that are issue free. All that I've seen have been a medium orange amber, with average applied tops, and free of notable crudity. This freshly dug example appears to be an anomaly in all regards. Congrats!

    My UWS was found lying in the pine duff southeast of Ashland Oregon in 1969 during the course of a deer hunt. The finder (not a whiskey collector) brought it home because both the neck and top were extremely crooked and it looked "neat".

    The neck leaned in excess of an inch to one side, and the top was applied in such a manner as to attempt to counteract the crooked neck. Sadly, two more damage free UWS examples were left right next to where example was found, and my attempts over the past 40 years to gain access to the ranch have always been met with a resounding NO.

  5. Super example, congratulations! The color on this one has to put it near the top of the census of UWS - Wilmerding's. SWEET!


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