Sunday, November 3, 2013

Teakettle Old Bourbon

I believe that one of the best whiskey bottles which typifies the old west is the Teakettle. When one considers all that these bottles have going for them, ie: Fantastic full face embossing, a picture, and often crudity, and nice color, these bottles simply have it all...except for rarity, but when compared to other collectibles, they really are "rare". If one goes by the examples available, they are also "rare". Other than the Gold Dust fifths, the Teakettle is a bottle which seems designed to have everything a collector 130 plus years later would find attractive. There are whiskey collectors who have a "run" of these, and even those who have moved their whiskey collections along typically hang on to a teakettle or two. I am one of them as even though the western bitters are a strong passion for me, I cannot ignore the beauty of the Teakettle.
 Can you imagine the early days of digging in Nevada where these appeared to be everywhere? Were it not for Virginia City, the epicenter of these fifths, the Teakettle might be in the top 10 or even top 5 of western whiskeys. It is only the numbers known keeping them from the top of the list. They are definitely in my personal top 5. Let's hear it for the Teakettle!


  1. one of the top western whiskies for sure!!!!

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  3. How many yellow and greens came out of the famous VC privy with over 20 TKs ?

  4. Man I miss that yellow TK....wish I would have held onto that dark J. Moore too! At least the pictures are still fun to look at.
    The TK's, although common are right at the top in terms of looks & eye appeal. Could you imagine what they would cost if there were less than 10 known!?!


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